The Ghanaman CRG will be a responsive fund (driven by demand). Projects will be selected by theTrustees based on merit. Trustees through their administrator will liaise with groups, opinion leaders as well as their elected representatives at the District regional and national levels. In all this, close collaboration will be sought with the District Assemblies to ensure that selected projects fall within the development framework of the District.

An administrator will be appointed by the Trustees and given a specific mandate defined under contract with the Trustees.

The Trust shall endeavour to support at least one project in each of the selected sectors in a fiscal year. A maximum of 10 projects will be supported in a year. Projects will seek to have a balanced national spread.


The overall strategic objective of the Ghanaman CRG Trust is to promote sustainable community poverty reduction and economic growth. The purpose is to support local social and economic development activities owned by the community or a recognised community and which benefits the whole community.

The trustees shall hold the trust fund and its income upon trust to apply them for the following objects:

  1. To promote community development projects in Ghana by maintaining and managing the trust funds collected and making the funds available to eligible local community development entities.
  2. To collect CRG monies and proceeds repayable by recipients in Ghana of grants made by the ADF.
  3. To disburse the CRG monies collected to eligible entities for community development and other projects in Ghana approved by the Trustees pursuant to the following guidelines giving preference to projects that:
    1. support skills development and income generating activities for community members and/or provide services and training in such areas as health, education, nutrition, and agriculture;
    2. demonstrate clear community involvement and ownership, and have the potential for sustainability;
    3. serve extremely marginalized communities who do not receive other types of assistance;
    4. provide a range of services to the same community;
    5. focus on the needs of women and children; and
    6. empower young adults and children by providing them with opportunities for educational advancement, leadership development, and vocational training.
  4. To enter into agreements with recipients in Ghana of grants from the Trust fund, with such agreements describing the purpose of the grants.


The Administrator shall perform his functions on behalf of the Trustees of the Ghanaman CRG Trust

The Administrator shall execute all policies, specific or general and instructions received from the Trustees


This contract is effective starting 1st June 2011 and ends May 31st 2012.