The challenge for African NGOs to maximize their capacities and resources has made networking and coalitions an imperative for proving the effectiveness of NGOs as service providers to grassroots populations. They are also advocacy agents who protect the interests of grassroots populations vis-à-vis the State and other policy makers.

This challenge, together with that for African NGOs to be sustainable and credible have also contributed to the need to pool resources to achieve economies of scale for maximum impact and to avoid duplication of efforts.

It is in this light that national NGOs in Africa have come together to form the Pan African Organization for Sustainable Development (POSDEV).

Members are drawn from national NGOs in Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Benin and Sao Tome and Principe.

The vision of members is one of an African continent which can assume its rightful place in the development and eradication of poverty as well as all socio-economic ills prevalent in our societies; a vision of an empowered and self-reliant community which is based on grassroots movements that participate fully in its upliftment.

This vision is promoted through NGOs, partner CBOs and Cooperatives that share the principles and values of equity, non-sexism and non-sectarianism, promotion of self reliance, the participatory development approach, holistic and integrated development, sustainability and the entrepreneurial culture.

In this regard, POSDEV has a mission to:

  • promote and advocate for a participative and self-reliant grassroots movement that is empowered to take charge of its development needs

  • promote and advocate for cooperation among member organizations so as to create a self reliant Africa, based on grassroots movements

  • mobilize and make available to member organizations, resources needed to implement and attain holistic and sustainable development programmes

  • strengthen and maintain in each member organization, a culture of self-reliance, based on the pursuance of a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

POSDEV Organisational profile